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You can help your patient discover if s/he is a good candidate for OriLens implantation by two steps:

1. Locate a professional that can evaluate the patient and, perhaps perform surgery, if applicable. There are two disciplines in Ophthalmology that may apply:

A. Retina specialists.

B. Cataract surgeons.

You can refer your patient to an ophthalmologist with one of the two sub-specialties that is open-minded towards new treatments and can provide the patient with a clear evaluation of the risks and benefits of such treatment.

If you cannot find an ophthalmologist as described above, as a second option, you can refer the patient to a low-vision professional (usually an optometrist specializing in low vision).

If you would like, you can enter the name and email details of the professional you have chosen for the patient (below) and our system will send him/her an automated message with the patient’s details in order to setup an eye examination.



2. If you are able to spend some time with the patient, you can help the patient fill-in the self-test that we provide, and this may help him/her to get an idea if such treatment is beneficial. If not, the patient can try the self-test at home, when assisted by another individual such as a family member.Begin the patient self-test by clicking here. The self-test results can be sent through our system to an ophthalmologist or a low-vision professional that was chosen for further evaluation.

As a medical expert, you may be able to help other AMD patients in your community by referring them to an expert to evaluate their eligibility for OriLens implantation and by helping them with the self-testing.

We thank you in advance for your involvement and care for those patients and we welcome any questions, comments or suggestions that you may have.


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