Patient Selection / Exclusion

senior man and doctor with tablet pc at hospital

Patient Selection:

  1. Bilateral AMD or other macular diseases.
  2. AMD – dry type, wet type, scar stage or other similar lesions.
  3. Visual acuity ranges between 20/80 and 20/800 in each eye.
  4. For the OriLens: the ACD should be greater than 3.00 mm.
  5. No other ocular diseases (other than cataract/pseudophakia, AMD).
  6. Visual acuity improved for distance and/or near when tested with X2.5 magnification using an external telescope.
  7. No previous eye surgery other than cataract.
  8. No other systemic diseases that may affect the eyes. The patient takes no medicines, which contraindicate eye surgery or may affect the results of implantation surgery.
  9. Easy to communicate with, responsible and understands his/her condition.
  10. Available for follow up of one-year post-op.
  11. Motivated for implantation of the OriLens implant, knows the risks and potential benefits that are involved and is highly motivated to read and improve visual capabilities.
  12. Ready to sign an informed consent.
  13. Has successfully undergone all of the pre-op eye examinations.

Patient Exclusion:

  1. The patient does not fit in the above listed inclusion criteria.
  2. The patient suffers from other ocular or retinal problems that can interfere with the surgical procedure, optical performance or with the post-op treatment.
  3. The patient does not understand the fact that this is a new device, is unable to communicate clearly and does not understand the requirements and the risks involved in the implantation, or is unable to show up for the follow up examinations.
  4. The fellow eye suffers from medical problems, which would not enable the patient to use his/her peripheral vision.
  5. The patient suffers from a systemic disease or allergies to the medications, which can interfere with the surgery or with the post-op treatment.


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