Y.A.G. Laser

The OriLens is not compatible to Y.A.G. or any other laser treatment.

It is known that the mirrors are damaged if Y.A.G. laser is applied.

The effects of the Y.A.G. or other laser on the other coatings that are applied during the production process are still not clear.

OptoLight strongly recommends not to use the Y.A.G. laser on OriLens operated eyes (and also not through the implant for the regular cataract lens).

If capsulotomy is required for the regular cataract lens implant, perform it before the OriLens is implanted. Do not perform an unnecessary capsulotomy as you can lose vitreous when pressing the eye during implantation.

If required after OriLens implantation, perform a needling procedure through the pars planna.


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