Jast Before Implantation

The OriLens is delivered sterile in a plastic IOL box, which is packed in a sterile double pouch. The double pouch is inserted into a carton box.

Please be cautious when opening and handling the implant. It is coated with a few microns of a special plastic coating. This coating may be damaged if metal forceps are used to hold it. That is why we strongly recommend not to touch the optical part of the implant with any surgical instrument.

The OriLens should be held gently by the base of the loops (the triangle where the loops connect to the body member).

Before implantation, inspect the implant carefully under magnification. The upper coating of the OriLens consists of Parylene C, which is very hydrophobic and may look a little hazy when the implant is dry, but it becomes clear once it is inserted into water or covered by viscoelastic substance.

The OriLens should be thoroughly rinsed with saline before implantation and covered by viscoelastic from both sides including the loops.

In case of any damage or breach of the sterilization, do not use the device. Do not try to re-sterilize it. Please return it to OptoLight.


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