Surgical Guide

OriLens implantation:

  1. Use of Diamoox should be considered for reducing the vitreous volume before surgery.
  2.  Anesthesia: according to the surgeon’s preference.
  3.  Incision: corneal or limbal, according to surgeon’s preference.
  4.  Size of cataract incision (for phakic eyes): according to surgical technique.
  5.  If the eye is phakic a routine phaco or ECCE procedure.
  6.  Enlargement of incision to 5.50 mm.
  7.  Peripheral iridectomy should be performed by laser or surgically (laser cannot be used after implantation).
  8. Visco-elastic on the implant and into the anterior chamber before insertion of the OriLens.
  9.  Grasp the implant by the base of the loop; do not touch the optic body with forceps and be careful not to break the loops.
  10.  Insertion of OriLens (the posterior mirror – ring shaped should point towards you).
  11.  Position of both loops: in-the-sulcus.
  12.  Remove all of the Visco-elastic.
  13.  Check for centration: the posterior annular mirror should be centered and fully exposed through the normal pupil.
  14.  If pupil is not centered consider performing pupiloplasty.
  15.  Eye closure (suturing) according to surgeon’s preference.
  16.  Sub-conjunctival injection of steroids and antibiotics.
  17.  Pre-op and immediate post op medications as in a regular cataract.


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