Surgical Pearls

When inserting the implant, be sure that the positioning is correct. The annular (on the posterior side of the lens) mirror should face the surgeon and on the anterior part (facing the surgeon) of the implant you can see the black back side of the central 1 mm round mirror.

During insertion, be careful not to break or damage the loops. Insert the implant by pushing it from the side of the body member. Pushing it in by holding the loops only, may result in damaging the loops.

The implant can be moved or dialed once it is in the sulcus, but this should be performed carefully, as it has a slightly larger volume than a regular secondary lens.

Any iris touch should be avoided.

The meridian (clock position) where the loops are positioned is not important as long as the central mirror is positioned in the center of the pupil and both loops are positioned in the sulcus.


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