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If you suffer from Age-related Macular Degeneration, our telescopic implants may help you.

The OriLens is an eye implant that magnifies the image in a diseased eye so that patients with advanced AMD can improve their visual capabilities for distance and/or for near.



The OriLens has several unique characteristics that may help you:  

  • It uses miniature mirrors that create a telescopic effect, which magnifies the image on your retina. This may improve the vision of AMD patients.
  • It is relatively small and simple to implant it in your eye, compared to other alternatives.
  • It magnifies the image on your retina by approximately 250%.  Many advanced AMD patients benefit from such a large magnification.
    If you suffer from wet type AMD, it may be used as a complementary treatment to all other treatments, such as intraocular injections etc.
  • It could be implanted in more than one location in the eye according to your surgeon’s preference and you eye condition.
  • In case where there is a need to remove it after it was implanted, there is a possibility to do so. The surgical procedure to have it removed is not considered complicated.
  • It does not matter whether or not you have already gone through cataract surgery – the OriLens fits both conditions.

For a brief explanation of our telescopic solutions for AMD patients please watch the video below.


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