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After completing the self-testing or upon your decision to further investigate the possibility of OriLens implantation as an option for improving your vision, you will need to be examined by an ophthalmologist.

The examination should indicate if you are a good candidate for implantation.


The evaluation consists of two levels:

  • The ophthalmologist should conduct a medical evaluation that would determine if there are no medical contraindications for the surgery.
  • The ophthalmologist or a low vision expert (usually an optometrist) should conduct an optical evaluation.


With these evaluations, your ophthalmologist should have enough data to determine if you may benefit from the procedure.

When looking for an ophthalmologist, you can either approach your current ophthalmologist or locate an ophthalmologist that specializes in either retina or cataract for the initial eye examination and for surgery. Therefore, ask the doctor for his/her subspecialty to determine if s/he can examine you.

As the OriLens is a new device, please keep in mind that even the most knowledgeable ophthalmologists are not always familiar with every new medical device or medicine in the market and there is a chance that your ophthalmologist is not aware of the OriLens as an option for age-related macular degeneration patients.

Therefore, you can either print the relevant information from the self-test before the eye exam and bring it with you to the ophthalmologist or you can use our database and send the doctor or his secretary an email message through our website with the relevant information so that the doctor can be prepared to examine you and consult you when you show for the examination.

Some doctors may be discouraged to recommend a treatment which is new and which they were not exposed to. Therefore, they may recommend not to proceed with surgery, not because you are not a good candidate, but because of the lack of exposure that they have with these treatments. If this is the case, you may still decide that you would like to find out if you can benefit from OriLens implantation by asking for a second opinion from another retina or cataract specialist.

As mentioned above, the eye examination by an ophthalmologist needs to be accompanied by a low-vision examination (usually performed by an optometrist).

Usually, your ophthalmologist will refer you to a low-vision specialist that works with him/her. If not, you can try to locate an optometrist or a low-vision professional that can perform the relevant tests (with an external telescope).

You can print the self-test data and a referral letter that we attach to it to your optometrist as well or you can send him/her this data by e-mail through our system.

If all the tests are successful and you would like to proceed with the implantation, your surgeon would have to order the implant directly from the company. OptoLight Vision distributes the OriLens implants only to ophthalmologists or hospitals.


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